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Thank you so much for taking the time to give us some information about the technical problems you're seeing on planetdotECO’s petition site . We understand that running into problems when trying to make your voice heard is incredibly frustrating, so thanks to helping us figure out what's going wrong.
The petition systems are complex and, unfortunately, there are lots of ways glitches can occur online. The only way we can diagnose what's going wrong for you is know as much as possible about the systems and programs you're using. We know the questions below are pretty technical. Please, bear with us and answer as many as you can. We promise, getting this information makes it much easier for us to recreate the issue and figure out what's going on.
Please note, while we read all the responses to this survey, we simply don't have the manpower to respond to individual requests for help submitted through this survey.
If you have individual problems not addressed by this survey or the FAQ page, please send an email to info@planetdoteco.com with "SURVEY" in the subject line.

  • The Sign Petition button isn't working
    The form doesn't match my address information
    The system won't accept my email address
    Email a Friend share link not working
    Facebook share link not working
    Twitter share link not working
    I can't see my signature **Sometimes our system slows down to process all of them. Please only select this option if, after a few hours, you still can't nd your signature or haven't received an email thanking you for your signature.
    Other / General