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Petition: The .ECO New Deal

Author: Moses W. Boone
Target: United States Congress
Sponsors: WMJB
Signatures: 1
Category: Humanitarian Causes
End date: 2020-12-30
Our database includes 1 signatures, help us get to 1
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Description: It couldn\'t be more obvious that the U.S. needs major environmental and economic reform — moderate incremental compromise on climate change will NOT do the trick. The US lawmakers need to call for a .ECO Revolution! A cooperation with all hands on deck made to succeed. Of all the things the government spends money on, a massive plan that puts people to work revitalizing the critical infrastructure, reducing dependency upon carbon sourced fuels, create jobs which cannot be out sourced, keeps the economy thriving, and puts us on the path toward 100% resiliency seems like one of the most worthwhile expenditures. While the “Green New Deal” is picking up steam, it needs support as a first step. The plan is intensely popular with Americans — it has 81 percent support from people after they\'ve heard about it. This is the kind of platform that has the power to save humankind from a dying planet. And if that\'s not enough, this is the kind of platform which can restore citizens believe in governmental institutions. It is a path to demonstrate the greatness of American know how and determination to do the “right thing” in the face of adversity. We are looking for brave and conscientious leaders who care and want to create a clean and prosperous future for all. Join US in promoting this for All ~ Because You Care!


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We signed: The .ECO New Deal
Mr moses boone 2018-12-23 11:07:22 #1